Unprecedented times can bring along surprises. If you are impacted by a recent organizational restructuring and looking for a new job, you are at the right place. We help you get back on your career track.

Back To Work is a proud initiative of CareerNet Technologies, the premier talent acquisition and recruitment process outsourcing company.

Back To Work

How Back To Work works

Back To Work serves as a link between prospective employers and candidates impacted by employment termination. We are a trusted partner to companies which are looking for the best talent to fill various types of roles. Submit your profile which automatically gets matched against the openings available with us. We help your profile reach employers looking for matching skills.

For Jobseekers

If you are a jobseeker, register for Back To Work and get closer to your next career opportunity.

Registration is free!

For Employers

If you are an employer who wants to help employees in your organization who are impacted recently,  submit the details and help them get back to work.

For Recruiters

If you are a recruiter who wants to have access to these candidates, submit your details and help them get back to work.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Data privacy disclaimer: CareerNet Technologies does not intend to sell the information submitted by job seekers to any 3rd party. However, such information may need to be shared with companies and/or their recruitment teams to fulfil the service(s) of job search. The registrants, by submitting their details, give their explicit consent to collect and process their data in this regard.

  2. By registering for Back To Work, job seekers give their explicit consent to be contacted through electronic or telephonic media which includes but not limited to telephone calls, emails, text messages, WhatsApp, or any similar communication channels

  3. CareerNet Technologies reserves the right to modify the services offered under Back To Work and/or cancel it without prior notice.

  4. CareerNet Technologies does not charge job seekers any money in lieu of the services offered. Candidates are advised to exercise due caution in the event anyone demands money in the name of CareerNet Technologies and/or CareerNet Consulting.

  5. Registering for Back To Work does not guarantee the registrant any job offers and CareerNet Technologies carries no obligation of any job offers to any person registering for Back To Work.

  6. These policies are subject to the legal jurisdiction of Bengaluru, Karnataka.

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